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Models of Care

Course 2015-2016

Models of care focuses on different ways of organizing care on a meso- and micro level. It will discuss first self-regulated initiatives of care and second from a more theoretical point of view different models of care that provide the background for the way we provide health care nowadays. This will enable students to understand the interrelations between the provision of care and outcomes of care.

Bachelor degree

Learning objectives
• The student is able to identify informal care initiatives.
• The student can understand determinants of transition to formal care.
• The student can distinguish different care models and their principles.
• The student can relate target groups and diverse care models.
• The student is able to explore a care network and identify elements of care models.

Care network analysis

Dr. J. lindenberg
Dr. J. Huijg
T. Puvill, MSc

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Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing
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