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Writing Seminar: telling your story


Students who have been admitted to ‘Visual Ethnography as a Method’ are likely to share a dedicated seminar group, tailored to the specific methodological challenges that anthropological research using audiovisual means poses.

Admission requirements

Only students who are admitted to the master’s programme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology can take part in this course.


This course aims to establish the analytical connection between, on the one hand, the fieldwork experiences and the data collected during fieldwork, and, on the other hand, the theories and epistemologies discussed in the first part of the MA programme. The focus will be on the level of analysis, the units of analysis, and the process of constructing a written academic argument.



Mode of instruction

5 ECTS = 140 study hours (sbu):
5 weekly tutorial of 2 hours = 20 sbu.
1 tutorial of 4 hours = 8 sbu
5 weekly assignments + one presentation (ca. 7.800 words) = 104 sbu
Excursion to an anthropological congress or seminar in order to experience in practice how researchers deal with connecting their data to an academic debate (8 sbu)
Students are devided into the same 3 groups as for the course Doing Ethnography.

Assessment method

All assignments will be graded. These grades count proportionally towards the final grade for the course (80% of the final grade). Participation is class counts for 20% of the final grade. Presence is obligatory for all classes, from the start of the course.


Students are required to register for this course on Blackboard but do not need to register on uSis.
(Registration for the exam is not required since there is no classical examination.)


Blackboard will be used to make information and assignments available. Blackboard module for this course will be available for registration by end August 2014.

Reading list

There is no separate reading list for this course. Students use the literature they need for writing of their MA Thesis as well as their fieldwork notes.

Contact information

Dr. Jan Jansen