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Research internship and tutorials on writing a master thesis


Admission requirements



Students participate in the research programmes for the Institute for Education and Child Studies. What study a particular student participates in depends on the student’s personal interest and focus, the availability of ongoing studies and the availability of staff capacity. The tutor is the staff member responsible for the particular study the student is involved in. The tutor is responsible for supervising the research internship as well as the writing of the master thesis. The master thesis is developed and written in four stages, each focusing on a particular part of the thesis (introduction, method, results, and discussion).

Course objectives

Achievement levels: 1-12.

Mode of instruction

Participation in research, assignments, presentation and discussion of research work and outcomes.

Assessment method

The Research Internship is awarded one final grade, for 56% consisting of the mark of the master thesis (a manuscript ready for publication in an international journal included in the Social Science Citation Index) and for 44% of the mark for the performance during the internship (the quality of work during the research internship, including assignments, tutorials and professional behavior).

Reading list

Books and other publications relevant to the particular study.