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Test theory and scale development


NB Language of instruction is English, regardless of whether non-Dutch speaking students take part in the course.

Admission requirements



The course provides an overview of psychometrics in particular test theory. Test theory is presented from the perspective of both classical test theory and item-response theory including an exposition of reliability and validity in all their facets. Multivariate analysis techniques commonly used in evaluating and analyzing tests, such as reliability analysis, validity, discriminant analysis, and item-response theory will be presented at a conceptual level.

Course objectives

  • A thorough understanding of the various theories and methodological approaches (data analysis techniques included) which are commonly used in the research programs that are central to this master (achievement level 2);

  • The ability of critically selecting, studying and analyzing literature relevant to the issues and problems presented by the curriculum and the connected research programs (5);

  • The ability to independently formulate, perform and assess scientific research at a level suitable to preparing scientific publications (7);

  • The ability to write scientific reports in English (8);

  • Advanced, up to date knowledge of quantitative en qualitative research methodology (9).



Mode of instruction

  • Six lectures

  • Five computer lab sessions, participation is mandatory.

Assessment method

  • Written exam (60%)

  • Oral presentation (40%)


During this course Blackboard is used.

Reading list

  • Furr, R.M. & Bacharach, V.M. (2013). Psychometrics. An introduction (2nd ed.).Thousand Oaks: Sage

  • Van Ginkel, J. R., Kroonenberg, P.M. & Rippe, R.C.A. Syllabus for the course


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  • Registration for the lectures of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first lecture at the latest;

  • Registration for the seminars of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first seminar at the latest.


Student must register for each exam through uSis. This is only possible until 10 calendar days before the exam. More information on exam registration

Contact information

Dr. J.R. van Ginkel