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Conflict and Intervention


Course Description

This course provides students with advanced knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of conflict analysis and resolution. In this class we will not only study the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of conflicts, their causes, dynamics, and resolution, but also apply these theoretical insights to contemporary conflicts. This includes fleshing out the underlying root causes, precipitating factors, the roles of different stakeholders, their interests and strategies, as well as studying the different methods of preventing conflicts and resolving conflicts where prevention has failed, including post-conflict peace-building. The objective of this seminar is to provide students with a sound understanding of conflict theories and intervention strategies, raise awareness for the complex dynamics underlying contemporary conflicts, and enable participants to apply the theoretical concepts to the analysis of particular conflicts, their causes, dynamics, and resolution efforts.

Methods of Instruction

This is a seminar-style class in which students are not only required to prepare a presentation based on the readings for a particular session of the seminar, but more generally are expected to actively participate in classroom debates.

Learning Material

Detailed list of assigned readings will be available on Blackboard.


Active participation (20%), presentation (30%), final paper (50%). Regular attendance is required; students who miss more than two sessions will automatically fail the course.


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