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Introduction in the Literature of Spanish America


Admission Requirements

Enrolled in a bachelor’s program at Leiden or another Dutch university.


This course is a general introduction to Latin American literature. On the basis of a number of known and representative texts the student will get an impression of the literary imagination in the continent. Different themes will pass the course. Myths of mass culture, for example, will be considered in their interaction with the literature. Will also seek to see the development of modern Latin American literature from its relation to visual manifestations of society (image or movie).

The course consists of carefully studying a number of representative texts from the (movable) Canon of the Latin-American literature. In the lectures multimedia techniques will be used. Different writers and representative texts (short stories or fragments of Novels or fragments of cinematic versions of Novels) will be introduced. Attention is paid to historical and cultural contexts. In the classroom, students are themselves put to work.

Course objectives

The student should be familiar with a number of original or translated texts from the literature of Spanish America.
The student must know a number of conditions that enable the interpretation of texts from the Spanish American literature: authors, cultural and political contexts, the development of the Spanish American literature, relationship with the Western canon. The student must be able to answer specific questions about the substance.
The student must be capable of the questions raised by literary texts, to properly and accurately formulate.
The student must be able to deliver a well-researched commentary on literary texts.
The student should be able to make a reasoned interpretation of a poem or short story.
The student needs to be able to place the part of the fiction in the general knowledge of Latin America, and to use this knowledge.
The student must be able to distinguish between different literary genres of Spanish America fiction.
The student must have a general idea about the possible inter-medial connections between literature and visual expressions in the culture and society.


Lecture schedule (first year) ### Mode of instruction

Lectures: 3 hour per week

Course Load

Total: 140 hrs

Lectures (WC): 36 hours

Exams: 4 hours

Tutorial: 70 hours

Exam Preparation: 30 hours

Assessment method

A written exam with short open (fill) questions and essay questions (30%) Written examination B with short open (fill) questions and essay questions (70%)

The final grade is the weighted average of the two exams.

Retake: Take home exam in January


Blackboard provides information about the course, the literature, the college calendar and the exam schedule.

Reading list

Study is located in Blackboard and a folder with additional copied material. For the tutorial, the student must have read the relevant text.


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