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General Introduction to Industrial Ecology


This course starts in September (for students that start in September), and in February (for students that start in February).

Admission requirements

This course is obligatory for students of the master’s programme Industrial Ecology.


This course gives an overview of the state of the art of the scientific field of Industrial Ecology. It also gives an overview of the sustainability contents and coherence of the Master’s Program on Industrial Ecology. The students are introduced to the concepts of the technosphere-biosphere analogy, the principles of life-cycle thinking, eco-design, stakeholder investigation, and organizational aspects of industrial clustering. The interdisciplinary and problem-oriented character of the field is presented in a group assignment.

Course objectives

  • overview of the field of Industrial Ecology including its history – knowledge of the most important Industrial Ecology concepts/theories – insight in the significance of Industrial Ecology in the societal sustainability debate – introduction to various definitions and meanings of the concepts ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable development’ – overview of the main drivers for unsustainability


See schedules and blackboard TU Delft

Mode of instruction

Lectures, interactive discussions, and group projects.

Assessment method

Group presentations and individual take home exam.


The lecturer communicates via blackboard TU Delft.

Reading list

Articles, Book Chapters, and Lecture Slides. All will be made available during the course via BlackBoard.


All students have to enroll for course and exam at the start of the course via uSis, Leiden University. For classnumbers see here or here.

Students who are not enrolled to the master’s programme Industrial Ecology have to ask permission from the studyadvisor of Industrial Ecology at least one month before start of the course by use of this form.

Contact information

Mr. dr. ir. G. Korevaar


This course is given twice a year. Students that start the master’s programme Industrial Ecology in September, have to follow this course in September-November. Students that start the master’s programme Industrial Ecology in February, have to follow this course in February-April.

September-November: TU Delft (see schedules).
February-April Tuesday: Van Steenisbuilding Leiden University, Einsteinweg 2, 2333 CC Leiden. Thursday: TU Delft (see schedules).

More information and the description of the course is published in the e-studyguide of TU Delft.