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Thesis Research Project


Admission requirements

This course is obligatory for students of the master’s programme Industrial Ecology.

Students can only start the Thesis Research Project if:

  • At least 48 EC of the core modules is sufficiently completed.

  • The module 4413INTPGY Interdisciplinary Project Groups is sufficiently completed

  • The module 4413GRPMDY Thesis Preparation Module is sufficiently completed and gradeform and report are handed in to the studyadvisor.

  • The Individual Study Programmme (ISP) is approved by the Board of Examiners

  • The Thesis Research Form is completed and handed in to the studyadvisor.

  • As preparation to the research topic, the involved examiner can ask the student to successfully finish specific Specialisation Modules, this has to be discussed with the student before the Thesis Research Project starts.


Students of the master’s programme Industrial Ecology have to select, depending on their interest and background, a research topic in deliberation with staff members of one or more of the research groups involved. The Master’s Thesis Research Project is composed of two modules: a Thesis Preparation Module (4413GRPMDY) and a Thesis Research Project (4413TRP30Y).
Students have to work independently on a research project.
The Thesis Research Project work deals with the following aspects: – Practical and theoretical work in a research group, including interpretation and evaluation of data, combine these with current knowledge and formulate a conclusion. – Present the research methods, outcome and conclusion in an oral and written presentation.

Course objectives

Students learn during to perform scientific research in the field of Industrial Ecology field. This includes:
-Collecting, reading and understanding scientific literature.
-Planning experiments and tests to answer the research question of the project.
-To work independently at academic level in an environment of Research and Development.
-To work in an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of experts.
-To present and discuss the research and results in English to a professional audience and by means of an oral presentation and a written report.


Each semester three meetings are scheduled for all students that intend to start, or are working on their Thesis Preparation Module or Thesis Research Project (see schedules and blackboard TU Delft).

Mode of instruction

Self study

Assessment method

Report, presentation and possible other products that result from the research.

Master’s Thesis Research Projects are always assessed by a primary and secondary
examiner, both of whom shall be connected to one of the institutions. The primary
examiner shall be directly involved with the day-to-day supervision of the student,
and the secondary examiner shall be from a different research group to that of the
first examiner and shall not be directly involved with the day-to-day supervision of
the student. Further detailed procedures are given in the Thesis Research Protocol.


The lecturer communicates via blackboard TU Delft.

Reading list


All students have to enroll at the start of the course, but at least two weeks before the exam via uSis, Leiden University. For classnumbers see here or here.

Students who are not enrolled to the master’s programme Industrial Ecology have to ask permission from the studyadvisor of Industrial Ecology at least one month before start of the course by use of this form.

Contact information

Mr. dr. ing. R. Kleijn


More information and the description of the course is published in the e-studyguide of TU Delft.