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Admission requirements

Only those who sucessfully completed all Integrated Korean 1b courses (Basiskennis, Spreken & Luisteren, and Intensief Lezen) can enrol.


In this reading course, students will develop reading skills and strategies along with the concrete grasp of linguistic knowledge. Besides the textbook, Yonsei Korean Reading 2, students will have chances to experience various (semi-) authentic text types including both practical (e.g. advertisement, signs, and news articles) and literary (e.g. poems, short stories/fairy tales, and cartoons) purposes.

Course objectives

  • Get familiar with vocabulary and grammar in written Korean as opposed to spoken Korean

  • Expand vocabulary with the knowledge of Hantcha

  • Read in various genres (or text types) and registers

  • Read more, faster, and with confidence

  • Understand the given text more accurately


For more information, see Rooster

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Course Load

Total course load: 140 hours

  • Contact hours: 26 hours (2hrs x 13 weeks)

  • Preperation for each class including reading, quizzes, assignments: 90 hours (7 hrsx 13 weeks)

  • Preperation for midterm and final written exam: 24 hours (12 hrs x 2 exams)

Assessment method

Final Grade
Your final grade will be determined in combination of the following items:

  • Attendance and active participation: 5%

  • Weekly vocabulary quizzes: 10%

  • Various small assignments over the semester: 15%

  • Midterm written exam with closed questions and short open questions: 35%

  • Final written exam with closed questions and short open questions: 35%


  • You have 2 resit chances for vocab quiz upon request, within 2 weeks of the original quiz date.

  • Assignments submitted two or more weeks late will not be graded.

  • There is no resit after the midterm. Instead, if your average grade of midterm and final is below 6.0, you need to resit. This resit covers the entire material of the course and the mark will replace both midterm and final (thus, 60% of the final grade).

Attendance policy
As is the case for all Korean Studies courses, a strict attendance policy will be enforced. Attendance for all lectures and seminars is expected. Failure to attend results in a lower grade. If you do not attend more than three classes you will not be able to continue attending the classes and your exam and/or paper may not be graded by the instructor(s). If you have a valid reason not to attend, you may get dispensation from this rule, but you have to consult the coordinator of studies, Ms. Kraakman, on this.


Yes. Blackboard will supplment the off-line class (e.g. extra course materials/self-study materials, announcement, grade check, etc.).

Reading list

  • Cho et al. (2010). Yonsei Korean Reading 2 (연세 한국어 읽기 2). Yonsei University Press. Seoul, ISBN: 9788971419304

  • There are 40 units organized by 10 themes. You are required to read one theme (4 units) per week. You should read and complete the designated reading and exercises before each class.

  • Other readings will be provided either in class or via blackboard.


Students are required to register for this course via uSis, the course registration system of Leiden University. General information about the Registration procedure


Contact the instructor: Mw. Drs. A.R. Nam


Studiecoördinator Mw. S. Kraakman