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Seminar 3: BA final paper tutorial


Admission requirements

Admission to BA3 Korean studies students who have successfully completed the Thesis Reading and Research Seminar.


Having completed the literature review during the first semester Thesis Reading and Research Seminar, you are now ready to complete your BA thesis. This seminar will guide and coach you through the technicalities of writing your thesis, with special attention being paid to the research question, the structure, style, and clarity of the argument, and to referencing. As far as content is concerned, your individual supervisor will council you.
During this seminar, there will be ample time to discuss whatever problems encounter in the course of researching and writing your thesis.

Course objectives

The main goals of this course is to help you with the writing process of your thesis. – to help you formulate a research question; – to develop critical reading skills; – to develop oral and written reporting skills



Mode of instruction

  • Seminar/tutorial

Course Load

  • Total course load for the course: 140 hours.

Assessment method

Final grades will be determined by the following formula:

  • Active Class Participation ————————————————————————————————————————-40%
    Attendance & active paricipation in class discussions (10%)
    Presentations (10%)
    Weekly reading reports (20%)

  • Thesis draft ————————————————————————————————————————-60%
    Research question and thesis outline (graded by individual supervisors)
    Final thesis draft, graded by individual supervisors.

To pass the course students must receive an overall mark of 5.50 (=6) or higher and a passing grade for the final thesis draft (5.5 or higher).

Students who failed the course (receiving an overall mark of 5.49 [=5] or lower) or who failed the thesis draft have the opportunity to hand in a revised thesis draft following consultation with their supervisor.

Attendance policy: a strict attendance policy is imposed. Missing more than three sessions gets you barred from further attending the course and your papers may not be graded. Any absences must be notified in advance. Dispensation from the attendance rule is possible in consultation with the coordinator of studies and for valid reasons only.

The course is an integrated whole. All categories must be completed in the same academic year. No partial marks can be carried over into following years.


Blackboard . Syllabus, assignments, as well as submission of reading reports/writing samples will all be done through blackboard.
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Students are required to register for this course via uSis, the course registration system of Leiden University. General information about the Registration procedure


Dhr. Dr. K. de Ceuster