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Arabic Beginners




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This is a Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) course for beginners. MSA is the common language in the 22 Arabic countries, and is widely spread in the inter-Arab media. This course will provide students with the basics in Arabic and give them a good background. In addition to MSA, students are introduced to Egyptian Arabic, as it is the most widely used spoken variety of Arabic.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, students will start using short memorized phrases to interact in simple predictable situations. Students will be able to understand and express basic information about familiar topics like self, family, likes or dislikes. Students will be able to reflect on how to express such information in culturally appropriate and relevant manner.
This course aims at the A1 level of the Common European Framework.


Once available, timetables will be published here.

Mode of instruction

The course is based on an interactive method, giving space to the student to practice and to make sure he/she is progressing in the learning process. Based on an attractive text book, with audio visual material helping the student to efficiently improve pronunciation as well as listening and fluency skills, the course requires a lot of self-teaching at home.


Midterm, 15%
Final exam, 20%
Quizzes (5), 25%
Homework assignments, 20%
Oral Exam (1), 10%
Participation, 10%

Midterm and final exams cover reading and writing, listening, vocabulary and grammar. The quizzes cover vocabulary and key grammar structures covered in specific units in the textbooks. The oral exam tests students’ ability of oral expression based on situations and questions rehearsed during the course.


There will be a Blackboard site available for this course. Students will be enrolled at least one week before the start of classes.

Reading list

Compulsory Literature

  • Alif Baa, Third Edition Bundle (Book + DVD + Website Access Card), Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi, ISBN: 9781626161221.

  • Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition Bundle: Book + DVD + Website Access Card, Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi, ISBN: 1626161240.

  • Recommended Literature*

  • Hans Wehr, A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (Arabic-English). Edited by J. Milton Cowan. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged and amended by the author. (Ithaca, N.Y., 1994).

Additional material as deemed appropriate by instructor, made available via BlackBoard.


This course is open to LUC students and LUC exchange students. Registration is coordinated by the Curriculum Coordinator. Interested non-LUC students should contact