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Language acquisition Spanish 2


Access Requirements

The condition to participate for the minor course Spanish Level 2 is to have achieved a sufficient for the final examination of the Minor course in Spanish level 1.
Students that never followed the minor course Spanish Level 1 but think to have sufficient knowledge to follow the minor course Spanish level 2, must end of January take a placement test before they have access to the minor course Spanish 2.


This course teaches students to read the texts in which questions and answers are formulated in everyday and professional Spanish. What letter is concerned, he related notes and messages can formulate personal and professional area. What concerns the oral skills the student learns to take an active part in discussions on all topics and activities. The student will be challenged in realistic writing and orally assignments.

Learning Objectives

In terms of the Common European Framework Language Teaching, we arrive at the following final levels:
Written Spanish: Reading: B2; Writing: B1;
Oral Spanish: listening: B1; Spoken Interaction: B1; spoken production: B1



Lecture schedule



The course consists of lectures where the main grammatical forms will be handled by the Spanish and tutorials where students put into practice communication skills, both individually and in group form


Two written exams in March and May (both 40%)
oral exam 20%
Terms resit (100% grade) in June.


Blackboard provides information about the course, the literature, the college calendar and the exam schedule.


Purchase books:

  • Rápido I: 2 books: Libro del alumno; Cuaderno de Miguel and ejercicios.Lourdes Nose Sans. Amsterdam: Inter Language (Dutch version). ISBN: 90-5451-4302.

  • Grammar succinctly Spanish. Y. Mateos Ortega. Ed. Intertaal

  • Gramática básica del estudiante de español. Rosario Alonso Raya ,, Alejandro Castañeda Castro, Pablo Martínez Gila. Editorial Difusión.


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