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Music and Time



The use of digital and analogue electronics has presumably changed our relation to time in music, and the relation of technique to content is a puzzling one. As electronic musicians we therefore have to examine some basic questions: Can we learn to perceive time in a different way; can we imagine a sound we have never heard before; is time in music the same as time in nature; how does our perception of time relate to time measured by a physical process; is counting the same as measuring duration? During the course, ideas drawn from traditional music, natural processes, mathematics and cognitive science will be examined as inspiration for a new theory of time and representation in music. Students who follow this course will gain an insight into number theory, adaptive systems, generative grammar, linear and non-linear dynamics and the phenomenology of time perception.

Date, time and location

Mondays, 13:30–15:30.

Varèsezaal, Royal Conservatoire, Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, 2595 CA Den Haag, 070 315 15 15


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