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Databases (I&E)


Admission requirements

Basic programming skills.


A database management system (DBMS) is an essential tool to manage large amounts of data. Nowadays, databases are present in about every industry, for instance in the fields of science, technology and business. This course provides basic theoretical topics and a comprehensive introduction to the design and implementation of databases. The course also provides practical experience in working with DBMS and databases as the backend of a web application. Finally, the course gives an initial overview of recent topics in the field of databases such as Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Internet database management.

Course objectives

  1. Translate real-world data organization and constraints into a relational database design.
    1. Learn how to create, manipulate, and query databases using SQL.
    2. Learn basic techniques for programming database-backed applications.
    3. Understand how to tune databases for access efficiency, concurrent access and redundancy avoidance.
    4. Get an overview of advanced techniques such as OLAP, data mining, and data warehousing.


The schedule can be found on the LIACS website.

Mode of instruction

Weekly two hour lecture followed by two hours of practice/seminar led by an assistant (including a minimum of 5 lab sessions).
All students receive a database account and can work with the latest version of Oracle SQL.

Assessment method

Two graded assignments. Assignments can be done alone or in pairs and include programming exercises.
One graded exam on all topics. Written exam (on paper).
Final Grade = (0.2 * Grade Assignment 1) + (0.2 * Grade Assignment 2) + (0.6 * Grade Exam)


The topics of each assignment will be posted on the blackboard.


Zie Blackboard

Reading list

  1. Ramakrishnan, R. & Gehrke, J. (2003). Database management systems (Vol. 3), McGraw-Hill.
    1. Slides will be available on the blackboard.

Signing up for classes and exams

Registration is via Usis: Selfservice > Sudentencentrum > Inschrijven
Check this link for more information and activity codes. (

Contact information

Onderwijscoördinator Informatica en Economie


This course is given at the Campus The Hague.