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Thesis Research Master African Studies


Admission requirements

Compulsory for second year students of the RESMAAS program.


In this period students write their individual Research Masters Thesis. They are guided and supervised by two specialists in the field. Specific attention will be given to the structuring of arguments and the development of research questions on the basis of debates on the current state of research.

Course objectives

  • Writing an academic text based on empirical (fieldwork) data;

  • Applying theoretical perspectives to empirical findings;

  • Integrating methodological approaches in research and theoretical interpretation of empirical data.


The whole of the second semester of the second year

Mode of instruction

Writing a MA thesis under supervision of two supervisors

Course Load

The course comprises 25 EC and involves 700 hours of work.

Assessment method

Evaluation of a completed MA thesis




Azeb Amha
Academic Coordinator
P O Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, NL
Tel. +31-71-527-3364