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ICT Contracts


Course Description

ICT contracts are essential to provide and receive ICT products and services. In this course students
will acquire a thorough understanding of the different kinds and the particularities of ICT
contracts. What are the special features of software development (e.g. waterfall and agile), licensing
(closed and open source), support and maintenance, outsourcing, cloud (e.g. software as a service)
and e-commerce contracts (e.g. website terms and conditions)? How do you draft, negotiate,
conclude, advise and litigate these ICT contracts? How do you deal with the specifics of each
contract as well as more generic clauses which are most fiercely negotiated and at the same time
subject to much academic debate: intellectual property rights, warranties, liquidated damages,
indemnities and limitations of liability? How do you deal with multiparty contracts, contracts
involving a 3rd party to sell (agency, distribution and app stores) and contracts by which 3rd party
ICT products or services are purchased either directly or indirectly? Differences
between common law and civil law systems will be analysed in a comparative approach.

Course Requirement

Master Degree

Assessment Method

Weekly assignment: submitted assignments, presentation of assignments, participating in discussions (50%)
Written exam (50%)