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MA internship Museum Studies


The museum internship is an essential part of the MA in Museum Studies and it is mandatory for all students following this MA (except for the Archaeology students following the Museum MA as a second focus).

Students are expected to select a museum of their own interest. It is the student’s responsibility to choose a museum and get in contact with its director or curators in the first place. The student must inform the coordinator of the Museum MA about these contacts and provide the contact information of at least one curator who is willing to work with him/her during the internship.

In this internship, students will have the chance to work with museum professionals and to experience museum work in daily life. They may want to help to develop an exhibition, to focus on a specific collection within the museum, to engage with the public, or participate in any other type of activity taking place at the museum of their choice.
The museum internship can also be carried out outside of Leiden.