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Bachelor project: Research, Thesis and Presentation (N+W)


Admission requirements

Completion of both the 1st and 2nd year of the Bachelor’s programme in Physics or, if this is not the case, authorization for participation by the Study Advisor Physics.

Students who follow a dual bachelor, should timely contact the study advisor. For them, usually research projects are available that are approved by both programs.About a month before the start of the bachelor project students need to submit a registration form, to be downloaded from the website Formulier registratie bachelor onderzoek under ‘Oriëntatie Bachelor Onderzoek’ to get approval from the study advisor and supervisor.


After the orientation of the Bachelor research project (OBO) the student selects an experimental group where he / she wants to carry out the research and finds a supervisor.
During 17 weeks, the student is part of the research group, starts and executes the research.
The oral presentation is public and must be announced by the Education website (mail programmecoordinator ).
Before you start your Bachelor research project, you have to fill in a registration form ‘Formulier registratie Bachelor onderzoek’ and have it signed by the supervisor (s) and study advisor.
Formulier registratie Bachelor onderzoek under ‘Oriëntatie Bachelor Onderzoek.

Students who are on track, meets on average once every three weeks (between March and the end of July) with other students and the study advisor to exchange information and give short presentations.

Mode of instruction

Literature, experimenting, reporting.


In consultation with supervisor and study advisor. When planning according to schedule, see the Bachelor Research schedule for March, April, May and June, full time.

Assessment method

This section is completed when the research project is completed and the report and presentation are assessed by both the supervisor and a second assessor. The assessment is through a Beoordelingsformulier.
ECTS: 24 (20 for Bachelor Research and 4 for Thesis Report and 1 for Presentation)


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Contact information

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