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Statistics for Astronomy and Physics students


Admission requirements



The course will present fundamental notions in statistics and specific statistical techniques with applications to astronomical research. The topics covered are the basics of probability theory, point estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression, and others. Methods will be illustrated using the statistical software package R.

Course objectives

The course aims at familiarizing students with statistical techniques with applications to astronomical research.


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Mode of instruction

Lectures and exercise classes.

Assessment method

Homework assignments (30%) and written exam (70%).
See Exam schedule.


Lecture notes, additional readings and assignments will be provided on Blackboard. To have access, you need an ULCN account. More information:

Reading list

  • All of Statistics. Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University. ISBN: 978-0387402727. Corrected second printing, 2005.
    Note: Electronic version of the textbook is available through Leiden University Library.

  • Handouts.


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Contact information

Lecturer: Dr. S. (Shota) Gugushvili
Assistant: to be announced
Course website: Statistiek AN