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Pre-Master Thesis European Union Studies


Admission requirements

Admission to the Pre-Master European Union Studies.


The thesis will be based on original research that is developed in cooperation with a thesis supervisor who is assigned by the program coordinator following the submission of a research proposal. The research proposal will be 500 to 1000 words in length and needs to fulfill the criteria set in the relevant field of research. The deadline for submission of the research proposal is week 6 of the academic year. The thesis will be 8.000 – 10.000 words in length (excluding footnotes and bibliography, including annexes) and will be submitted in the first week of May.

Course objectives

The thesis is a written report of research that the student has carried out under supervision by a lecturer but with a high degree of independence. The thesis must be based on original research and meet the following criteria:

  • It contains a well-formulated research question that is well-situated in and engages with the academic literature in the field;

  • It is based on a well-developed research method that is explained upfront;

  • It is based on a critical reflection of primary source material (whether existing or collected during the student’s own research);

  • It is based on a sufficiently broad analysis of academic studies;

  • The argument is well-structured and sufficiently analytical in content;

  • The conclusion is academically substantiated and provides a clear answer to the research question;

  • The use of language as well as references is correct.

The thesis has to meet all these criteria in order to be declared adequate. When all of these criteria are not met, the student will be given an opportunity to improve his or her paper, but will most likely not be able to start with the MA program in September.


Not applicable.

Mode of instruction

Coaching by supervisors.

Assessment method



Yes, for thesis submission, see Blackboard.


Registration in uSis for the Pre-Master Thesis will be done by the department office.

Contact information

Dhr. Dr. D.M. (Dennie) Oude Nijhuis and your supervisor.