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Advanced International Dispute Settlement - The Law and Politics of International Dispute Settlement (Track IDS)


Advanced International Dispute Settlement (focus on ‘The Law and Politics of International Dispute Settlement’)

The Advanced International Dispute Settlement Course is as a follow-up on the general course ‘International Dispute Settlement’ – a compulsory course in the first semester. It builds on the content covered in the general course, i.e. principles and practice common to all international dispute settlement mechanisms and the introduction to the law and practice of the various courts and tribunals in international law. It covers transversal issues of international disputes settlement and its function in the international society, in particular in relation to peace and justice. It addresses major theories related to the function of dispute settlement in international law and global governance, the dynamics of international dispute settlement from the perspectives of actors involved in the process, and the role of law in the prevention and settlement of disputes and problems of consent.

Topics of the lectures and seminars include:

  • The function of dispute settlement in international law and global governance, including its nexus to peace; – The actors and dynamics of international dispute settlement; – The multiplication of legal regimes and their problems; – Sovereign equality, consent and international dispute settlement; – The selection and qualification of judges and arbitrators; – Third parties in international dispute settlement.