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BA final paper


Admission requirements

This course is only available for Korean studies students who obtained the propaedeutic diploma, successfully completed all courses of BA2 and the first semester of BA3 (Tekstanalyse, Thesis reading & research seminar and BA3 seminar).


A BA thesis is a written report on an independently conducted research project, under the guidance of your thesis supervisor. Developing a thesis project goes through a number of phases. First, you choose the subject you want to work on and you familiarize yourself with the scholarly literature on that subject (background reading). Next, you decide in consultation with your supervisor on a specific topic (aspect) and what it is you want to research in particular. This is where you formulate a proper research question that is inspired by the scholarly literature (the state of the field), but allows you to argue a new insight.

The essence of writing a thesis is not collecting data or summing up facts, but making a critical argument. Data have to be interpreted. It is the quality of that interpretation that makes a good thesis. The quality of an argument is rooted in the theoretical framework and the research methodology. Using a proper research methodology, you argue logically and clearly your case/insight by working a specific body of primary and secondary sources/data from within a clearly defined theoretical context.

Inspired by relevant theory, based upon a familiarity with the field, relying on a proper research methodology and analysing a relevant body of materials, you answer your research question and come up with a clear conclusion. In writing your thesis, you pay attention to the proper use of scientific language and you abide with the conventions of academic writing (citing, referencing).

Your BA thesis is worth 10 EC, which equals 280 hours of work in the second semester. From the first semester onwards, you will be guided through the process of deciding a subject, choosing a topic, defining a research question in the course of two successive seminars (Thesis Reading and Research Seminar & Seminar 3).

As you are writing a BA Korean Studies thesis, you are required to make active use of Korean language materials. Which materials to use, is decided in consultation with your supervisor.

Your thesis shall not exceed 10,000 words (notes and bibliography included). Deadlines (see Thesis Reading and Research Seminar & Seminar 3) shall be respected. You are entitled to feedback on your draft (within three weeks after submission so as to allow sufficient time for revision). Students who fail to submit a (partial) draft, forego the opportunity of receiving feedback and miss the chance to revise their thesis. They are, however, still entitled to submit a final version by the second deadline.

The final thesis is handed in through blackboard only. No hardcopies are needed anymore. All theses are automatically scanned for plagiarism.

Your thesis is independently graded by your supervisor and a second reader. The thesis assessment along with the final grade will be announced at the latest within six weeks after submission.

Theses submitted after the final deadline (1 June 2017) will only be assessed and graded after the start of the new semester (i.e. September 2017).


During the first semester, students have the opportunity to resubmit a revised thesis (deadline 10 December 2016), but they are not entitled to personal supervision. Instead, it is strongly advised, however, to attend the Thesis Reading and Research Seminar.

Students who fail to resubmit their thesis by 10 December 2016 or fail to pass, will have to rewrite their thesis (i.e. change their thesis subject) and will be assigned a new thesis supervisor.


This course uses Blackboard