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Categorical Data Analysis


Entry requirements

Only open to Master’s and Research Master’s students from Psychology.


In this course the focus will be on the analysis of categorical data. The course starts with basic theory on contingency tables and distributions for categorical data. Then from the general framework of Generalized Linear Models special cases are developed like logistic regression, multinomial logistic regression and log-linear models. Software, model selection and interpretation will be discussed for the models.

After this introduction attention shifts to models for longitudinal categorical data, where we distinguish between marginal, transitional and subject specific models.

Course objectives

On completion of the course students have knowledge on:

  • the theory of Generalized Linear Models (Gzlm);

  • applying models from the Gzlm framework to solving problems with empirical data; and

  • the SPSS software modules for analyzing categorical data extensions of generalized linear models for clustered data.


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Mode of instruction

7 2-hour lectures and 2 2-hour computerlab meetings.

Assessment method

Two graded assignments and a written exam. The final grade is the average of the 3 grades obtained.

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Reading list

Agresti, A. (2007). An introduction to categorical data analyis (Second Edition). Wiley.

Contact information

Dr. Zsuzsa Bakk