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Field research project


Admission requirements

Having completed first year of a BA programme.


An independent field research project on a well-defined topic during the last part of the term, under supervision of a lecturer, with weekly supervision. Students may work individually, or in small groups of two or three persons. Students report on their research in an ethnographic pape, in which they combine original empirical research with the study ofexisting literature, and a theoretical framework.

Course objectives

  • gaining in-depth understanding of Moroccan society;

  • acquiring skills in doing ethnographic research;

  • analysing and presenting data, both orally and in a written form.



Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

  • Research

Course Load

Total course load 15 EC x 28 hours= 420 hours

  • Research: 240 hours

  • Weekly meetings: 24 hours (including preparation)

  • Writing paper: 156 hours (including reading secondary literature)

Assessment method

  • Paper (75 %)

  • Participation (25 %)

The final mark for the course is established by determining the weighed average.

In order to pass the course, students must obtain an overall mark of 5.50 (=6) or higher. Students receiving an overall grade of 5.49 (=5) or lower, will be allowed to rewrite their paper before March 1, 2017.


More information on this course is offered on Blackboard.

Reading list





Field research takes place in November and December. Students can leave Morocco 23 December at the latest and write and submit their research paper in the Netherlands. The final paper should be submitted before January 23, 2017.