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Thesis Seminar MSc Political Science - Fall 2016



Objective 1: To deepen the understanding of theories and methods related to research on Political Science.

Objective 2: Applying them to a specific topic as part of the student’s master thesis seminar.


Parties, Elections and Democracy
The seminar of Maria Spirova focuses on issues broadly related to political parties and elections and their role in contemporary democracy. Specific issues might include: parties as representative agents, elections as platforms of competition, electoral reform, the representation of social and ethnic groups, and parties and corruption/clientelism. The focus of the seminar is broadly defined to allow students who are interested in political institutions to benefit from working together on their projects. Required reading: Stephen Van Evera. Guide to Methods for Students in Political Science, Cornell University Press, 1997 on reserve in the library, particularly chapter 1,2 and 4

Registration for thesis seminar

Registration for the thesis seminar will take place after the first collective meeting of the Fall thesis seminar in which you will be informed about the procedure.



Please note: The meeting of 6 October has been changed to 5 October; 11.00-14.00 hrs in room 1A22.