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Thesis Seminar Political Science- Fall 2017



Objective: 1. To deepen the understanding of theories and methods related to research on a specific subfield of Political Science.
Objective: 2. Applying them to a specific topic as part of the student’s master thesis project.
Content: Students apply theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills to a theme related to conflict and cooperation. The thesis seminar Political Science is open to students writing their theses on topics from all subfields of Political Science, preferably but not limited to the subfields of international relations, political communication, and political behavior. It is strongly recommended that students start thinking about the topic of their thesis before the start of the classes. The first meeting of the semester will be held jointly with the two thesis seminar instructors. After students present their preliminary thesis topics, they will be assigned to one of two separate seminar groups based on their substantive interests, their methodological approaches, and the expertise of the instructors. Attendance is compulsory for all classes of the thesis seminar.

Methods of Instruction

Seminar discussion

Study Material

Literature for the project will be announced on Blackboard at the beginning of the semester


See Thesis Info in the e-Guide


Students do not need to register themselves in advance for the seminar. Registration will take place during the first collective class meeting in which the procedure will be explained to you.

Registration is open for students that started their Master in Political Science in February. All other students should contact the exam committee to request permission to take this thesis seminar. Students can take the Thesis Seminar only once in their academic year.


Thesis Seminar Group 1, Nicholas Vrousalis:
Tuesdays 09:00-11:00 hrs in block I (September-October 2017)
Tuesdays 15:00-17:00 hrs in block II (November-December 2017)