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Capita Selecta Historical Music Performance Practice

Course 2016-2017

Admission requirements

Some knowledge of historically informed performance practice.


The elective Capita Selecta Early Music covers a wide array of subjects from the field of period practice. The course will centre around but not be restricted to composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Schedule Second semester 2016-2017:

Capita selecta early music
All classes will be in 2017.
Classes take place in the library (with instruments and picturecollection) of professor Koopman, in Bussum (full address on request at from 10.30-12.30 hrs. The content and dates of the lectures will be:

9/1 Introduction: using historical sources for performing early music
16/1 J.S. Bach and his secular cantatas
24/1 Early writers on music history (Burney, Hawkins, etc.)
6/2 French vs. Italian styles
8/2 Vibrato
13/2 Early keyboard fingering and articulation
20/2 Bach’s singers
27/2 Basso continuo
13/3 G.F. Händel, performance practice
15/3 Oboe, bassoon, clarinet, recorder
27/3 Passions before and around J.S. Bach
29/3 Authenticity: one truth? (PLEASE NOTE: 29 March instead of 5 April!)
10/4 Haydn symphonies
12/4 M. Praetorius and his Syntagma Musicum

Mode of instruction


Assesment Method

Paper aimed at a musico-historical subject from the seventeenth of eighteenth century.


Chr. Wolff, J.S. Bach, the learned musician. New York: Norton. 2000.


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Rogier Schneemann

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