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Making a business plan for a life science company


Admission Requirements

Honours College students Beta & Life Science year 2 or 3.


This Honours College course is based on and runs jointly with the course New Technology Ventures: Business Planning. Major difference is that the plan to be made will be based on a business idea of an existing company on the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Participants will write a fully developed business plan on behalf of the stakeholder company. They will do so in a team of 3-5 persons. In doing so, they will be coached by a company representative and staff of the program Science Based Business. Background knowledge will be acquired in several seminars and by reading a book and other selected literature. At some of the seminars, it will be required to present the progress of their planning process. This will be enhanced by individual feedback sessions.

Method of instruction



Will be made available during the course.


Grading will be based on the written business plan, the presentation of the business plan, tests and/or class participation.


Seminars will take place from January – May 2017. The exact dates can be found in the: course description


To apply for this course, you can use a jotform, as announced in the course description.
Besides this, you need to send an e-mail to the HC-coordinator, via



You don't need to apply for this honours-elective at the examination committee. It is an approved elective.