Due to the Corona Virus the information regarding study and examination for semester 2 (block 3 and 4) is not up-to-date. For the latest news please check the course page in Blackboard/Brightspace.


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Human Pathology


Admission requirements

Biomedical Sciences courses “Human Biology”, “Biomolecules”, “Cellular Communication”, “Immunology”, “Introduction to the Neurosciences” and “Physiology, basic and advanced concepts” or equivalent courses.


This module is an introduction to general pathology and covers five multidisciplinary themes:

  • neuropathology (Alzheimer’s disease).;

  • gross anatomy of organ systems;

  • cellular pathology and inflammation

  • mesenchymal differentiation and pathology of bone

  • nephropathology (nephrosclerosis);

All themes focus on the understanding of pathological processes (etiology, pathogenesis and morphology), and are introduced by a macroscopic and microscopic demonstration of the anatomy of the organ system involved. Following introductory lectures, the subject matter will be studied and elaborated upon in work groups, practicals, journal clubs, mini-research symposia and (computer-aided) tutorials (including a guided visit to the Anatomical Museum). In addition, clinical conferences can be attended to elaborate upon a topic of choice (optional study elements). Biomedical research is indispensable for appropriate diagnosis and therapy, it is important to appreciate the position of the biomedical scientist in health care.

Course objectives

The student:

  • has become familiar with pathophysiological concepts through the study of selected topics.

  • has gained insight into the position of the biomedical scientist in relation to basic science and clinical practice.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, work groups, practicals, journal clubs, mini-research symposia, (computer-aided) tutorials and (mp3- guided) visits to the Anatomical Museum.

Assessment method

Multiple Choice and open questions.

Exam dates

  • Exam: Friday April 28th 13.00-16.00h

  • Re-exam: Wednesday July 19th 13.00-16.00h

Reading list

Required, the latest edition of the following books:

  • V. Kumar et al. Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease.

  • K.L. Moore et al. Clinically Oriented Anatomy.

  • H.P. Rang et al. Pharmacology.

  • B. Alberts et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell.

  • M.H. Ross et al. Histology, a Text and Atlas