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Half Minors


Notice for exchange students

You can find a short explanatory video clip for all available half minors at the LUMC International Students page.


In September, students will start with a 10 weeks half minor program. The half minor program is a mandatory part of the medicine program and is meant to create an area for students to pursue and explore their interests in a chosen theme in relation to their professional and academic practice. In order to realize this, students can choose from a broad list of 16 half minor programs. Each half minor has at least one clinical coordinator, and one pre-clinical coordinator. The half minors produce in-depth knowledge and are of a scientific nature.

This is the list of the offered half minor programs:
1. Clinical Immunology
2. Infections, vaccines and immune modulation
3. From -omics to successful ageing
4. From patient DNA to personalized medicine
5. Biomedical imaging, from molecule to man
6. Immunotherapy of Cancer
7. Molecular targets and cancer therapy
8. Heart and Blood Vessels
9. Regenerating hematopoiesis and immune dysfunction via cell therapies
10. Translational Neuroscience
11. Global Health
12. Patient empowerment, strengthening the role of the patient in decision making and self-management.
13. Spinal Surgery and ENT/audiology
14. Brain and Cognition
15. The evolution of ageing and disease
16. Child abuse and neglect about the course of life, a multi-disciplinary approach

Besides these options, there is also an exchange with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. A selected number of places is available for LUMC students in the half minor program of Rotterdam. The selection of the minor programs will be posted on blackboard.

Course Objectives

The half minor program contributes in academic and scientific aspects to the following attainment targets of the bachelor medicine program (see Raamplan Artsopleiding 2009).
These attainment targets can be divided in the following domains:
I. Knowledge and insight
II. Competences
III. Professional behavior
The attainment targets mentioned above are transferred to the following objectives for the half minors:
1) General objectives:
The goal of the half minor is to offer the student the opportunity to:
a) shape personal interests and competences;
b) explore the future professional choices;
c) profile themselves in a specific direction.
2) Specific goals:
After finishing the program students will:
i) have developed at least 3 competences of the professional profile;
ii) have investigated current developments in the professional area or in society;
iii) have integrated the competences from the Line Acacemic Scientific training (till yr 2) in a small literature or empiric research project.

Mode of instruction

In each half minor program different modes of instruction can be used: working groups, practicals, response lectures, self-study and so on. There is a general Blackboardmodule (Half Minors) and each half minor has its own module.

Assessment method

For each half minor program an assessment plan is drawn up which can be found on the Blackboardmodule of the specific Half Minor.


For more information about the half minor program, you can contact MW Prof. dr. M. Yazdanbakhsh