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Politics and Markets in Asia


Admission requirements

Admission to the Master International Relations, track International Studies. Other students who are interested in this course, please contact the co-ordinator of studies.

Course description

This course surveys the interdependent development of politics and markets in contemporary Asia, with an emphasis on the continent’s northeast and southeast regions. Broadly, the course examines and compares the recent development of East Asia’s political economies. It devotes particular attention to the development and determinants and effects of relations between the state and economy within countries in the context of a marketizing world economy.

The first segment of the course examines theoretical treatments of the relation between politics and markets, with an emphasis on recent theoretical literature. The second segment considers explanatory accounts of variation in the manner in which market economies have been instituted across the region. The third segment delves into matters of state effectiveness and economic performance. While the course’s fourth and final segment examines social and political aspects of ‘marketization’ with an emphasis on welfare, stratification, and social movements.