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Research and evidence (Educational line)


Admission requirements
Bachelor degree and admission to Master Vitality & Ageing

In this educational line, students learn the principals and techniques of different types of research, including

  • Biomedical research

  • Epidemiological research

  • Behavioural research

  • Organisational research

Interpretation of evidence: Students will focus on three main questions, which run through the course:
1) are the results of this study valid? (study design)
2) are the valid results of this study important?
3) are the valid, important results of this study applicable to my ‘situation’?

Course objectives
The student:

  • applies the principles of clinical research to various research questions

  • defines a valid research question

  • discusses various types of clinical epidemiological study design

  • shows insights in the background and premises of qualitative research

  • shows qualitative research skills by collecting and interpreting qualitative data

  • discusses mortality rates and ageing rates, survival analysis, life tables, and population projections and can interpret and analyse papers writing on these issues

  • is familiar with basic demographic concepts, measures, methods and techniques

Mode of instruction
Lectures, discussion groups, activities, self-study, (practical) assignments

Assessment method
Oral and written assignments, in groups or individual. More information will be published on blackboard.

Reading list
Will be published on blackboard