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Academic development (Educational line)


Admission requirements
Bachelor degree and admission to Master Vitality & Ageing

This course provides students coming from diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds with relevant information related to personal development, ethics and philosophy, and leadership and multidisciplinary teamwork. An important focus will be professional career-development facilitated by mentorship and a portfolio, making correct choices and maintaining vitality during work. Students learn some basics of the philosophical and ethical principles and the implicati¬ons for older individuals, ageing societies and healthcare. Actual international themes around ageing and vitality will be discussed and debated.

During this course students will become acquainted with basic models of personal efficiency, working in a multidisciplinary team and basic theories on leadership. During this course a self-assessment will be made to determine default team role and leadership styles. Through theoretical expansion and practical exer¬cises students will also become acquainted with theories about leadership and successful leadership.

Overall, this course will give students a variety of exercises and lectures that deepen their knowledge in a wide selection of topics that will enable them to become pioneers of the ageing field.

Course objectives
The student:

  • is able to give feedback at a professional level

  • is able to make decisions in the care for the patient at later age and support these decisions using ethical arguments and care-related outcomes

  • shows what the value of philosophy is for science

  • shows insights into leadership-styles and into managing conflicts of interest

  • is able to reflect on his/her own personal development

Mode of instruction
Lectures, assignments and practical exercises

Assessment method

  • Portfolio

  • Oral and written assignments, in groups or individual. More information will be published on blackboard.

Reading list
Will be published on blackboard