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Markets and the commons


General information

Supervisor and e-mail contact: Dr. David Zetland (
Major: GED
Number of students: Maximum 2
Period: Blocks 3 and 4

Research context

I am looking for one or two students to help with data collection and analysis related to measuring the impact of market structures for two different cases. The first case will investigate the impact of land ownership on urban metabolism. The research question is whether cities differ in their inputs, outputs or outcomes (e.g., infrastructure investment, house prices, or “livability,” respectively) according to whether land ownership is private (“fee simple” or particulair) versus communal (“leasehold” or erfpacht). The second case will investigate whether Lending Club (a “peer to peer” lending network in the US) is price discriminating between individual and institutional investors.

These cases can probably be combined into one RC, as the analytical technique is similar. Please indicate if you are interested in one or both.

(1) Lease vs own: the impact of land ownership on urban metabolism and outcomes.
Tasks and activities:

  • Collect data on cities that have lease ownership and “similar” cities with private ownership

  • Compare “paired” cities to see if they differ in interesting or relevant ways.

  • Assist with write up of results (possible publication)

Requirements / notes:

  • Dutch language skills

  • Decent (QRM) skills with data collection and analysis.

  • NB: GIS may be useful but probably not.

(2) Lending club: Are individual and institutional investors making different profits?
Tasks and activities:

  • Analyze LC datasets

  • Look for “the dog that doesn’t bark” in LC propaganda (there’s some deception I think)

Requirements / notes:

  • Decent (QRM) skills with data collection and analysis.