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Bioorganic Synthesis



The program consists of a short research project. By performing experimental syntheses, the student takes part in current research aimed at the elucidation of a biological process or the development of a drug.

Course Objectives

Planning and conducting organic chemical experiments independently. Maintaining a clear and orderly up-to-date lab journal. Interpreting research data such as TLC, NMR, TLC-MS, HPLC-MS, IR etc. Using analysis apparatuses independently (e.g. TLC-MS, NMR, IR). Presenting the conducted research to fellow students. Performing literature research (Reaxys, Scifinder etc.) and writing a report.

Reading list

Literature will be provided during the course.


Dhr. Prof. dr. G.A. van der Marel, Dhr. Dr. R. van den Berg

Mode of instruction

During the course a short research project is conducted, consisting of experimental organic syntheses.

Assessment method

Assessment consists of the following items (relative contribution):
Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled days. Use of literature (factor 0.5); preparation of the experiments (factor 1.0); interpretation of analyses (factor 2.0); lab journal (factor 1.0 and marking > 5.0); conducting experiments (factor 2.0 and marking > 5.0); professional behavior (factor 2.0 and marking > 5.0); report (factor 1.0 and marking > 5.0).

Admission requirements & Registration

This course is mandatory for and restricted to students who do the Minor ‘Modern Drug Discovery’ (MDD). The same admission criteria apply to this course as for the entire Minor MDD.