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Analyse 2



The central theme of this course is differential and integral calculus for functions of several variables. In the first part, we will examine how the concept of linearly approximating a function in a neighborhood of a point is generalized to higher dimensions, to then discuss methods of maximizing a function under constraints (the so-called Euler-Lagrange method). In the second part, several types of integrals for functions and vector fields are introduced (line, surface and volume integral), as well as relations between them (such as stated in the classic theorem of Gauss, Green and Stokes).

This body of material belongs to the fundamentals of mathematics. It is of use in various advanced courses in mathematics (such as measure theory) and ubiquitous in theoretical physics.


Calculus – A Complete Course (8th edition) by Robert A. Adams and Christopher Essex, Pearson Education, 2013.
(De 7e editie van dit boek kan ook nog gebruikt worden door recidivisten, tijdens het vak wel even controleren met andere studenten of de opgavenummering klopt)
Er is ook een combinatie van dit boek mogelijk met een softwarelicentie. Deze is aanzienlijk duurder en NIET nodig.

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Midterm exam + written exam + homework assignments.
Results of the assignments are invalid at the end of the academic year. Recidivits therefore have to make them again!


Analyse 1 and Lineaire algebra 1

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