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Relativistic Electrodynamics


Admission Requirements

First 3 semesters of the Bachelor Programme plus Classical Electrodynamics


Starting from the principle of relativity, and the consequent theory of special relativity, we discuss the relativistic description of the electromagnetic field and related transformations, eventually reformulating electrodynamics in its tensorial formulation.
Topics: – Special Theory of Relativity – Lorentz Transformations and spacetime formulation – Relativistic Mechanics – Transformation of the electromagnetic field – Tensorial formulation of electrodynamics – Relativistic Potentials

Course objectives

To provide students with: – a review of Special Relativity and its intertwined development with the electromagnetic theory; – a working knowledge of Lorentz transformations and their application to the electromagnetic field; – an understanding implications of relativitty for electrogmagnetic phenomena – knowledge of the covariant formulation of Maxwell equations – an intro to the concept of gauge invariance



Mode of instruction

Lectures and Tutorials

Course load

Assessment method

Written final exam


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Reading list

Introduction to Electrodynamics D.J.Griffiths, Prentice Hall, third edition, 1999; ISBN 0-13-481367-7
Different editions permitted


Contactgegevens Docent:Dr. A.Silvestri (Alessandra)