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Research Project: Fieldwork


Admission requirements

Compulsary for students enrolled in RESMA African Studies


Students work on their research project in Africa or outside of Africa on a topic that is relevant to the broad spectrum of African Studies (the fieldwork is based on an extensive period of preparations and research proposal writing)

Course objectives

  • To enable students build experience in independent research

  • implement the carefully prepared research phases

  • construct quantitative and / or qualitative empirical data sets

  • develop and reflect on outcomes.


Not applicable

Mode of instruction

Empirical research

Course Load

Fulltime fieldwork research for one semester.

Assessment method

Assessment of fieldwork report upon return. Assessment of the quality of the thesis which is dependent on the student’s fieldwork activities.


Not applicable

Reading list

Not applicable


Enrollment through uSis for the course and the examination or paper is mandatory.


Education Administration Office van Wijkplaats:

Coordinator of Studies: Else van Dijk


  • Holding regular contact/report with supervisors is important.

  • Provide programme coordinator with contact information (telephone numbers, address, etc.) with which you can be reached during your fieldwork period.