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Literature Exam


Admission requirements

Completed first year (Propedeuse) of the bachelor Art History or education at a similar level. Two successfully completed second year seminars (or the equivalent thereof).


The purpose of the literature exam, about 700 pages (excluding images), is to offer students an orientation and / or deepening of the bachelor's degree in one of the specialisations of the BA Art History programme. The student compiles his / her list of literature in consultation with one of the professors/docents. This docent may also be the supervisor of the Final Paper Bachelor Art History.

Course Objectives

  • Being able to (select and) process and evaluate art historical literature at an academic level.

  • Being capable of giving a substantiated critique of a wide range of art history texts, showing an understanding of the structure, reasoning and argumentation of these texts.

  • Having acquired the knowledge and understanding necessary for relating various forms of the arts and media in a specific cultural region or period to methods of production and the way in which these art forms were and are interpreted in the past and present.

  • Knowing how to discriminate between different approaches and theoretical frameworks in the discipline of art history and how to assess these in relation to various forms of the arts and media.

  • Knowing how to relate issues in the area of the history of art and culture and scholarly research to the societal relevance of various media and art forms and/or the functioning of collections and museums.

  • Being prepared to discuss various scholarly perspectives and modes of argumentation in conversation with an experienced art historian.


The Literauture Exam can be taken any time, in consultation with the professor/docent involved. The duration of the exam may vary (usually between 1 and 3 hrs).

Mode of instruction

  • Literature study on an individual basis.

Course Load

Course load in summary: 5 ects (140 hrs)

138 hours: Required readings (c. 700 pages à 5 pages/hr, excluding images)
2 hours: Final oral or written exam —-
140 hours

Assessment method

  • Final exam written (essay questions) or oral exam of 1 to 3 hrs (100% of final grade).

Compensation: not applicable.

Re-sit: one re-sit.

Exam review: How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.


Blackboard will be used to publish fixed reading lists per specialisation.


Refer to Blackboard.


Please consult the coordinator of studies for the BA Art History

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Coordinator of studies for the BA Art History


In exceptional cases the literature exam can be used as an alternative to a component of the BA Art History programme or the premaster Arts and Culture. In all cases, permission of the Board of Examiners is a prerequisite. For any questions, refer to the coordinator of studies for the BA Art History.