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SBB Business Studies Internship


The SBB Business Studies Internship course is changing. The information below describes the SBB Business Studies Internship ‘new style,’ which is mandatory for students who will start their SBB Specialisation track on or after September 1st 2017. Students who started their SBB Specialisation track before September 1st 2017 may still do the ‘old style’ business studies internship that is described in the document “On Your SBB Internship” on the “SBB Internships and Careers” Blackboard site.

Admission requirements

Business Research Methods


The business studies internship represents an exciting opportunity for students to use and advance managerial knowledge and skills in a real-life business context. Over the course of their internship students become familiar with subject matter expertise and competencies required to be successful in a particular industry- or functional- domain. Moreover, students will contribute to state-of-the art managerial knowledge in this domain. The internship provides an excellent orientation and preparation for students’ post-university career, with many students ending up with a job at their internship organization after graduation. Examples of internship projects and experiences of SBB students can be found on the Science Based Business website. As part of this course, students also attend and complete assignments for five of the ten management sessions that are organised during the academic year that cover topics from the areas of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management that are relevant to workplace issues students may encounter in interactions with colleagues and line managers.

Course objectives

The objectives of the internship will be defined in the internship proposal document written by the student with input from the internship organisation. While the specific objectives for the business studies internship are different for each project, the objectives of an internship will be defined across the following interlinked domains:

  • Subject matter expertise – i.e. what is the subject matter expertise that the student will make her own during the internship?

  • Research – i.e. what role will the internship project play in advancing state-of-the-art in the field?

  • Personal skills development – i.e. which are the skills that the student will develop to successfully complete the internship?


The SBB Business Studies Internship can be done any time throughout the academic year.

Mode of instruction

The student is assigned an academic supervisor by Science Based Business, whose task it is to provide guidance regarding the academic requirements the student needs to meet, and a line manager within the internship organisation who supervises the student’s day to day activities during the internship.

Course load

The accredited study load of the SBB Business Studies Internship ranges from 20 to 40 EC depending on the learning outcomes that are laid down in the project proposal, and the quantity of work that is associated with the internship. Based on 1) a weighting that equates 1 EC with 28 study hours, and 2) the student’s internship proposal that breaks down the number of study hours that are needed for achieving the internship objectives, the academic supervisor approves the course load of the internship project. SBB staff are available for further guidance on this and other issues relating to the internship during weekly walk-in sessions and via email.

Assessment method (subject to confirmation by course leader in september 2017)

Students are assessed based on the following deliverables: The internship proposal (5%), the mid-term report (5%), assignments for internship sessions (15%), a final presentation (10%), and a final deliverable that consists of a research report (45%), and a personal reflection report (20%). All deliverables will be assessed by the academic supervisor; the assessment of the personal reflection report by the academic supervisor will also be informed by an evaluation of the student’s learning journey and performance by the line manager at the internship organisation.



Reading list

To be determined depending on the scope of the SBB Business Studies Internship


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