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Lectures & Journalism


This course will only be available in English if a minimum of 12 participants will take part.

Admission requirements

Student of the Honours College FSW program.


(Following description concerns a course load of 3 ECTS. See 'assessment method' for further information regarding the extension to 5 ECTS).

The Honours College is all about acquiring an interdisciplinary perspective, gaining deeper insights and seeking answers to questions that challenge received ideas. However, if you want to transfer any of that knowledge to people outside the academic world, you need more than academic writing skills. In the writing clinic that was specially designed for the Honours College FSW you will learn to present complicated content in journalistic articles aimed at a wider audience.

The inspiration for all those articles will be found in the lectures you have chosen to attend during this course. You can choose from a wide variety of lectures given by specialists from various faculties of Leiden University. These lectures will provide the input for your assignments. You will first write a short review and then practice with writing articles in various journalistic genres: a news item, a press release, an interview, an opinion piece and a column or a review.

Course objectives

  • analyze lectures, detect the main points and reflect in a critical way on the content as well as formulate a well founded opinion in a review

  • to reflect in a journalistic way on the content of the lecture and use the information to write journalistic products like, for instance, a column

  • to write a news item, a press release, an interview, an opinion piece and a column or a review on scientific content.

  • gain knowledge of a wide range of subjects and extend your existing knowledge

  • gain an understanding of the necessity to popularise science for an interested public

  • develop skills that enable popularising science


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Mode of instruction

  • 5 classes

  • 5 lectures

  • 5 assignments in two ‘genres’ (review and journalistic)

  • 5x2 peer feedback)

  • Self-study

Assessment method

Grade is based on the assignment and attendance of the student.
The study credits of 3 EC can be extended to 5 EC by doing two additional assignments, after consulting the lecturer and coach. These assignments will consist of a longer journalistic aarticle called a ‘feature’ and a second genre of your choice, both of which will be based on academic articles from your own field of study and on additional oral sources.


Registrate with the personal subplan.


Secretariat Honours College FSW kamer 5A12


The maximum number of participants is 20 students.