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Triple S: Prevention and repression of juvenile delinquency


Admission requirements

Admitted to the Honours College FSW program.


The Short Science & Society, or Triple S are made up of short thematic courses. In interactive meetings the designated theme is discussed with researchers from various scientific disciplines, as well as with guest speakers from major societal institutions.
This Triple S course juvenile delinquency is discussed. Prof. Dr. Hanna Swaab, Dean of FSW, will discuss causes of aggression in young people. After this, representatives of societal institutions that deal with young offenders will come and discuss their institutions.

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is to develop an understanding of, and gain insight into the phenomenon juvenile delinquency.


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Mode of instruction

  • Lectures

  • Research

Assessment method

After studying the research literature students will design a short prevention programme for young offenders. Students will work on this assignment in pairs.

Reading list

Additional literature will be announced on Blackboard.


Registrate with personal subplan.


Mw. Dr. M.J.A.J. Verhallen.


Number of maximum participantsis 25. The course is in English. Assigments may be written in English or in Dutch.