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Extended Bachelor's Thesis


Admission requirements

Third-year student of the Honours College FSW programme.


Students familiarize themselves with research in their own discipline. In consultation with their supervisor, students add an extra component to their Bachelor’s thesis project by studying additional research literature, collecting additional data, tackling an additional research question, or carrying out a more complex statistical analysis.

Students of Psychology can choose to fulfil these requirements by participating in the Honours Research Bachelor’s Project.

Supervision will be arranged by the Institute in question.


It is student’s own responsibility to inform the supervisor of their Bachelor’s project that they wish to add an additional component worth 3 EC to their thesis and that the supervisor will have to submit an extra examination form for this grade.
Provided the thesis as a whole is approved and the extension of the thesis for the Honours College is also approved, the supervisor informs the Student Services Centre of the student’s results. The supervisor had to submit two examination forms: one for the thesis and a separate one for the extension of the thesis.

NB. Students of the Honours Research Bachelor’s Project are also responsible for requesting their supervisor to submat a separate examination form to the Student Services Centre for the extension within the framework of the Honours College.


Secretariat Honours College FSW kamer 5A12.