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Future perspectives



Semester I, 4 September 2017 till 15 September 2017.

Admission requirements

Bachelor degree and admission to Master Vitality & Ageing.


The master starts with an intensive introduction to learn about vitality and the ageing field. Themes that are included:

  • Introduction to the master staff, coordinators and colleague students.

  • Perspectives on the master’s program: Introduction of the three themes of the content courses: biology of vitality and ageing, the older individual and the organisation of the ageing society

  • Perspectives on future: Your personal master-year, your ambitions, your career

  • Perspectives on becoming older: personal experiences and discussions with elderly persons

  • Start of training in academic skills and communication: interdisciplinary cooperation, creative thinking, team roles, writing and presenting.
    Through combining these different perspectives on vitality and ageing, you will get insight in the most important aspects of the master Vitality and Ageing.

Course objectives

The student:

  • is able to place his/her research in the perspective of ageing and vitality

  • is able to present research in a clear and structured manner

  • is able to work interdisciplinary in a professional way, mobilizing complementary skills in teams

  • is able to give a personal reflection on topics related to vitality and ageing

Mode of instruction

Interactive lectures, tutor groups, activities, self-study assignments.

Assessment method

Oral and written assignments, in groups or individually. More information will be published on blackboard.

Reading list

Will be published on blackboard.