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Orientation seminar


Admission requirements

Participation in the Honours College Track Archaeology.


The first year of standard Bachelor programmes mainly consists of lectures with a tutorial set-up. To supplement these classes, the Honours College track Archaeology offers students the opportunity to meet faculty staff and other archaeologists in top positions in Dutch archaeology and related disciplines.

In this tutorial, consisting of 7 guest lectures, current items and issues in archaeology are addressed. The lectures consist of a 45-minute introductory lecture followed by a 45-minute discussion on the subject. Each lecturer will present his/her own current research and describe how he/she came up with the subject.
The lecture ends in a group context with an academic poster about one of the subjects addressed. In addition, the participating students spend at least 1 day at the Reuvensdagen congress. They then write a report about this visit.

Course objectives

  • Introduction to the various aspects of archaeology, with both social and academic themes;

  • Ability to take a stand in a discussion and learn to express and defend opinions;

  • Make a poster presentation.

Mode of instruction

  • Lectures and seminars;

  • Poster presentation (make and present);

  • Reuvensdagen symposium (participation and report).

Assessment method

  • Poster;

  • Poster presentation;

  • Report about Reuvensdagen symposium.

Reading list

To be handed out during class.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.S. de Waal.


Compulsory attendance.