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Research in practice


Admission requirements

Participation in the Honours College Track Archaeology.


The aim is to enable the student, under the supervision of a researcher, to gain experience in conducting research for a long-term research project and within a research group.
A student or a group of 2-3 students will conduct research, independently but under the supervision of a researcher linked to the Faculty of Archaeology, for at least 17 working days. These 17 working days may be spread over blocks 2 and 3.
The student may also choose to take part in research within the faculty or, through a personal academic development plan, attend lectures inside or outside the faculty and visit international congresses. The course will end with a report about the student’s activities during this time.

Course objectives

  • Independently set up and implement a (small scale) research project;

  • Learn how to report research results.

Mode of instruction

Participation in current research being conducted by staff.

Assessment method

  • Internship report;

  • Assessment by the internship supervisor.

The internship report must be submitted 6 weeks after completing the last internship day.

Reading list

To be handed out during class.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.S. de Waal.


Compulsory attendance.