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Honours internship


Admission requirements

Participation in the Honours College Track Archaeology.


The Honours internship is a ‘socially’ embedded internship: it is therefore not merely about gaining experience with archaeological methods (excavation, survey, material research), but about how archaeology can be viewed in a wider context (project work, presenting/managing museum collections, archaeological public presentation, social relevance of research, etc.).
The Honours internship lasts at least 17 working days.

For more information about internships, you can also visit the Archaeology internship website.

Course objectives

  • An introduction to and insight into the role of the archaeologist in society;

  • Learn how to communicate scientific insights and archaeological knowledge mainly to non-archaeologists.

Mode of instruction

Practical work aimed at promoting public interest in archaeology.

Assessment method

  • Internship report;

  • Assessment by the internship supervisor.

Assessment deadline

The internship report must be submitted 6 weeks after completing the last internship day.

Reading list

Not applicable.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.S. de Waal.


Compulsory attendance.