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Research in Practice


This course is taught in Dutch in the academic year 2018-2019

Admission requirements

Admission to this course is restricted to students enrolled for the CA-DS Bachelor’s programme who have completed the “Academic Skills I, Academic Writing and Representation” course. The “Academic Skills 2. Research in Practice” course is the second of three courses in Academic Skills that are part of the first year of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA-DS).

Description/Course Objectives

To offer a critical look at sources, other than academic texts, as representations
To develop awareness of processes of self-positioning during the writing of an academic text
To deepen knowledge of a number of academic formats
To increase the skills required for the search and selection of academic literature
To sharpen referencing skills
To reflect on the academic value of oral presentation and peer review


Dates and room numbers may be found on the website
Classification of students in work groups remains in principle the same as for "Social scientific research in practice" and will be announced via Blackboard. Students are NOT required to register in Usis for the workgroups.
There will be an Excursion to the IISH in Amsterdam in April, date to be be announced via Blackboard after the start of 'Academic writing and academic (re) presentation'.

Mode of instruction

This calculation applies to the three courses Academic skills, together amounting to 3 × 5 ECTS = 15 ECTS = 420 study tax hours (sbu)
lectures: (incl. test) 4 × 3 hours = 18 sbu
working groups: 5 × 2 hours = 20 sbu
excursion to IISH: (lecture + practical) = 10 sbu
excursion to RMV: = 2 sbu
written assignments: 4,500 words = 60 sbu
additional literature: 180 p. = 30 sbu

Assessment method

Weekly writing assignments with the right to re-submit within two weeks after receipt of the mark.
Tests of practical assignments
Attendance at lectures, practicals and tests
Compulsory attendance at the library practical
Library practical test
Excursion: this course includes an excursion to the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam, if possible on a Thursday. The precise date will be announced via Blackboard after the start of 'Academic writing and academic (re) presentation'.

PLEASE NOTE: Attendance at lectures, tutorials, practicals and excursion is mandatory!

Only the final mark is registered in Usis.


Weekly assignments will be listed on Blackboard. Participants can register on Blackboard from 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Study material



Usis: All students must enrol in uSis for lectures. Registration for the exam, work groups and practicals in Usis is not necessary. Registration periods and further information about procedure are given on the website for course registration.
Enrolment on Blackboard is mandatory.


Prof. dr. Peter Pels