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Chemical Genetics (CG)


Core course in MSc Life Science and Technology, elective course MSc Chemistry


Students with a BSc in LST with Molecular Chemistry or a BSc in MST with Cell Biology

Course coordinator

Prof. dr. J. Brouwer


Chemical genetics is a research method that uses small molecules to change the way proteins work- directly in real time rather than indirectly by manipulating their genes. It is used to identify which proteins regulate different biological processes, to understand in molecular detail how proteins perform their biological functions, and to identify small molecules that may be of medical value.
In this course several examples of chemical genetics will be introduced by a number of researchers of the LIC. Examples will be introduced by molecular geneticists (Prof. Jaap Brouwer and Dr. Rolf Boot) and by chemical specialists (Dr. Bobby Florea, Dr. Sylvestre Bonnet, Dr. Roxanne Kieltyka, Dr. Sander van Kasteren).
After this course students:

  • Will understand the elementary principles of chemical genetics

  • Will have insight in the chemical aspects of molecular genetics

  • Will be able to read literature relevant to the field of Chemical Genetics

  • Will have an overview of chemical genetic research performed at the LIC and gain insight in how research in this field is performed and what kind of results are obtained in a chemical biology research environment.
    Presence at classes is obligatory.

Assessment method

Open book exam, no laptop during examination.




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