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Molecular Chemistry (MC)


Molecular Chemistry is a core course for MSc LST students. Note: this course is not intended for master students that did finish a BSc MST !


Fundamental concepts of organic chemistry, such as acidity/basicity, orbital interactions, conjugation, etc. are discussed. The most common transformations and corresponding mechanisms are explained and illustrated with examples of reactions that are used in the total synthesis of natural compounds or are part of biological processes. The lecture series includes interactive discussions and problem solving sessions.

Course objectives

After the course the student is able to:

  • Apply the fundamental concepts of organic chemistry in the analysis and construction of molecules

  • Construct the mechanism of a reaction in terms of electron movement and/or participating orbitals

  • Predict the structures of products for the most common organic reactions

  • Provide one or more critical arguments which reagents and conditions are more suitable than others based on the knowledge of the structure and reactivity of the molecules

  • Design a synthesis of a small molecule based on identification of structural functionalities

  • Identify key components in a chemical reaction which you can use to explain the regio- and stereoselectivity of that reaction


Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition, Clayden, Greeves and Warren

Assessment method

Written exam (“closed book”)

Expected Background

Basic knowledge of organic chemistry (BSc in Life Science and Technology or a related discipline).

About the lecturers

Stefan van der Vorm

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